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A Good Reason to Stay on the Green

In Florida, a bobcat may be watching you putt.

John Dean
2 min readApr 17, 2023


Where is the bobcat? © 2023 J. Dean

It was January, and I was on a golf course looking for birds rather than birdies. As we approached one green surrounded by undeveloped tropical growth, I saw something move. Was it a great blue heron? Or a tri-color?

It was something else. A bobcat. A big one.

Because it was early, the golfers were not out yet. In all likelihood, the bobcat would move on before the first foursome came through. But what if it didn’t?

Most golfers I know don’t spend much time surveying the areas around greens for dangerous animals. Thus, even if the bobcat ventured out of the brush into the open, he may have remained undetected.

You tell me: Did you see the bobcat in the photo at the top of this article?

If you didn’t or are not sure, here is a blow-up of the same picture.

Is this bobcat looking for golfers? © 2023 J. Dean

© 2023 J. Dean©

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