John Dean
1 min readMar 6, 2021

Kiss Andrew Cuomo goodbye. The detailed allegations of sexual harassment, a failed effort to apologize, and repulsiveness of it all has doomed him. Add to this the unfolding story of Cuomo’s role in placing infected COVID-19 patients in nursing homes and then covering up infection and death rates, and you have a recipe for ending a political career.

Cuomo appears to not know what hit him. About a year ago he was flying high as a dramatic counterpoint to the clueless Donald Trump. Daily press briefings were both informative and comforting. More than one observer expressed regret that Cuomo wasn’t running for president.

An investigation of the sexual harassment allegations, ordered by Attorney General Letitia James, is now underway. Similar investigations seek the facts on why unnecessary deaths were caused at nursing homes. In the face of both inquiries some would resign. Not Cuomo. He has promised not to.

John Dean

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