Ten Years with a Goldendoodle

If you can find a better dog, adopt her; if not, seek out a Doodle

John Dean


Lucca relaxing in the pool. Photo by the author

I hope the Biden administration will step up Federal funding for dog cloning. The Goldendoodle should be the focus of the research because, my research shows, there is no better dog in the world. If you want a smart, clean, gentle dog, look no further. Your Doodle will be your lifelong friend. And you will be loyal to the breed for the rest of your life.

My Doodle, Lucca, arrived 10 years ago. She was a lively puppy that liked to jump on people, smell everything, and occasionally go crazy at the sight of a squirrel or rabbit. Our solution was to gently walk her in circles while she was on her leash until she got tired. That took a while, but it was the start of a beautiful relationship. In short order, the bad behaviors began to disappear. Lucca was a fast learner.

Lucca after play. Photo by author

At home, Lucca exhibited several behaviors that endeared her to us. First, she declined to eat like a pig. Every other dog we have had attacked its dog dish with a vengeance that was frightening. We sometimes wondered, what if she came at us with the same ferocity?

With Lucca, mealtime is a polite affair. Although we get her the best possible dog food (in our opinion, not that we have tested it), Lucca declines to eat it unless we top it with some human food leftovers. She is partial to salmon, prime rib, chicken, and luncheon meats. Just a light sprinkling on top of her regular food will do the trick — she will dig in until the bowl is empty. Everything gets washed down with a healthy drink of water.

Photo by author

Bathroom time is usually a positive, both for Lucca and her masters. She doesn’t always like the dark, but fully understands why we are going outside and what is expected of her. Usually, she starts and completes this mission in less than 20 minutes.

Regular walks are a different matter. These depend on her mood. If both of us choose to walk her…



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