John Dean
1 min readFeb 13, 2022

Thanks for reading the piece and for your comment.

I hope it won't disappoint you too much, but I am not John W. Dean, III. He is no relation.

Please also know that I supported Biden in 2020 and continue to support him now. That having been said, let me reiterate the main point in the piece--Pretending that all is well with Biden doesn't help him. It is important to raise issues where we see them so that Biden and his administration can make adjustments in policies where called for. For example, I believe that the criticism of Biden over Afghanistan may be helping him better prepare for the crisis in Ukraine and Taiwan.

I suspect you may not agree with me and I'm fine with that. But, as I said in the piece, you can criticize Biden while supporting him. Criticism of Biden is not support for Trump or Trumpism.

John Dean

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