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Time is Running Out on the GOP

What will it take to get the GOP to dump Trump?

John Dean
5 min readNov 29, 2023


Image by Ann Nygard on Unsplash

The Iowa Republican caucuses will be held in less than two months. A Trump win in the state could secure his nomination as the party’s 2024 standard bearer. That is a frightening thought.

In my weekly column for the Spy newspapers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, I express my fear that Trump could not only win his party’s nomination but also win in November 2024. In the piece, I comment on why Trump is unqualified to serve as president and wonder about what it might take to get sane Republicans to usher Trump out the door.

The piece as published by The Spy on November 29, may be found here.

Time is Running Out for Sane Republicans to Rescue Their Party

Less than a year from now, the United States may be in the grip of another Trump-generated Constitutional crisis. The presidential election will be over — at least for those of us who believe in the Constitution and are ready to accept the outcome of the election even if our preferred candidate loses.

Unfortunately, the probability of another Constitutional crisis — another insurrection — is increasing. Donald Trump is again running for president and is unlikely to win without cheating. Or so one can hope.

Why does Trump remain at the center of the American political stage? Despite Trump’s legal, financial, and psychological problems, many Republicans still prefer him as their standard bearer over anyone else. How a foul-mouthed candidate who led Republicans to a mid-term election debacle last year, who has been described as a rapist by a New…



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