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Trump Cards? Really?

Is this a Democratic dirty trick?

John Dean
2 min readDec 16, 2022


Screen Capture from CollectTrumpCards.com

Reality is often stranger than fiction. When Donald Trump announced "A Major Announcement" would be made on December 15, I speculated he was announcing his 2024 vice presidential running mate. My guess was Kari Lake, the defeated Arizona governor's candidate. I was wrong.

Instead, as the whole world may know by now, Trump is entering the NFT market with a limited edition of trading cards bearing his image corresponding to his illustrious career.

Screen Capture from CollectTrumpCards.com

After regaining my composure, I wondered, “How did Trump let this happen to him?” Had some Democrat kidnaped a team of Saturday Night Live writers to ridicule the ex-president? Are the NFTs the handiwork of Hillary Clinton or Hunter Biden?

Amazingly, the genius behind the scheme is Trump himself.

Thank You, President Trump

The Trump NFTs are the most dramatic evidence yet of Trump's mental illness. The cards capture Trump's narcissism and detachment from reality. The Lincoln Project was not creative enough to produce a commercial featuring anything so demeaning and destructive to what remains of Trump's reputation as a leader.

One of the NFTs is of particular interest to me. It is Trump posed a maître d' at one of his restaurants. Did Trump come up with that one himself?

Screen Capture from CollectTrumpCards.com

I am grateful to Trump for hastening the implosion of his already floundering 2024 bid for president.

Who will buy the NFTs?

I will not buy a Trump NFT, but who will? What type of human would want one of the NFTs and consider it worth the $99 Trump is charging for them?

Let's speculate. Herschel Walker may want one. Roger Stone also comes to mind. Perhaps he could have one of the images tattooed somewhere on his body — would he have to pay Trump a separate fee for that? Stephen Miller will want one. Rudy Guiliani will enjoy two or maybe three. But who else?

If initial sales are below expectations, will Trump offer discounts? Do you get a discount if you are a Proud Boy or Oath Keeper?

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