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Trump: The Final Days

The January 6 Committee shows just how ugly Trump was

John Dean
4 min readJul 16, 2022


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash modified by author

We are nearing the end of the public hearings of the January 6 Committee. Even without reading their final report or learning whether Attorney General Garland will pursue an indictment, we know not only that Trump committed serious crimes but just how disgusting a human being Donald Trump was during the final days of his presidency.

It is a painful image, but the emperor (Trump) will soon have no clothes. We are learning that he cheered on the January 6 insurrectionists (they were his team, after all), was comfortable with his vice president getting hung, and refused to order his mob to leave the Capitol even after people were hurt.

If you had any doubt that Trump is a sociopathic, lying narcissist, you need to watch the final public hearings of the Committee and read its final report.

I have been astounded at the numbers of Republicans who agree with Trump that the January 6 Committee investigation is a “witch hunt.” The videotape doesn’t lie. And a cascade of former Trump loyalists, many now ashamed of their affiliation with the defeated ex-president or fearing prosecution, are talking. What the “turncoats” are saying, and what the videotape is showing, is a man devoid of empathy for those caught up in his violence and indifferent to the Constitution or democracy.

I have been pained by the image of a delusional president gleefully watching as thugs, some of them militia members that appear to have coordinated with Trump’s lieutenants, stormed the Capitol. We have learned how close the insurrection came to succeeding and how disgusting a human being Trump was and remains.

An afternoon of TV

We already know that Trump parked himself in front of several TVs and watched the attack. There have been no reports of plates of cheeseburgers and French fries being smashed against the wall. Could this be because the president was enjoying what he was watching?

We know that after his mob started to chant “Hang Mike Pence,” Trump commented, “maybe he deserves it.” We know that Trump knew the legal theory that suggested Pence could singlehandedly reject electoral college…



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