Trump’s Treason Was Predictable

John Dean
3 min readFeb 14, 2021

My prediction of Trump rejecting the election outcome and inciting violence was accurate

Image by Janosi Mozes on Pixabay, modified by J. Dean

The Trump Insurrection of January 6 was foreseeable. I know that because I saw it coming, as did many others. On October 11, 2020, I predicted that 60 days of chaos would follow the election and made several predictions. Some of them were accurate, perhaps because Trump himself seemed to know he would likely lose the election long before election day. His support for right-wing crazies and violence was also not a state secret.

Challenged election results

Picking up on Trump’s own predictions of election fraud, I suggested challenges were likely:

It is now a near certainty that Republicans will challenge election results even if the Democratic ticket wins in a landslide. . . . Expect challenges to millions of votes cast by mail. Also expect allegations of ballot-box stuffing, stolen ballots, and more. All this is likely to last at least a month and perhaps longer if Trump declines to concede defeat.

Rioting and violence



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