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Where Are the Repair People?

Treat your refrigerator with respect and pray it doesn’t break down

John Dean
3 min readDec 3, 2021


A new-looking but non-functioning refrigerator. Photo by J. Dean

This is not a good time for your refrigerator to break down. There is, of course, no good time for a refrigerator to break down. So let me say this is a particularly bad time for a refrigerator breakdown. Why? It is next to impossible to find someone to fix it.

I write from personal experience. I am sharing a room as I write this with a new-looking refrigerator that decided to quit two days ago. Two weeks' notice would have been nice.

I now know how important working refrigerators are to civilized society. Maybe not as important as clean water and food, but very important.

Given that I have no way to store fresh food, I don’t have time to philosophize about the mess I am in. I’m miserable. Just thinking about the refrigerator and why it had to break when it did isn’t going to get it fixed. I need professional help.

Is there a shortage of repair people or a shortage of repairpeople that want to work?

Thousands of non-functioning refrigerators await skilled technicians. There is plenty of good-paying work waiting for anyone who knows how to fix a refrigerator or, I suspect, any other major appliance. I know this because when my refrigerator broke, I immediately tried, and failed, to find someone to fix it.

I thought I had prepared ahead with this particular refrigerator. When I bought it, a mere three years ago, I purchased a service contract so skilled repair people, experts on my particular machine, would be only a phone call away if I ever needed them. It didn’t work out that way.

When I called my service company, an apologetic representative told me, “Unfortunately, we can’t get someone out there until January. I suggest you contact the manufacturer.” That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but I politely said, “I’ll take it from here,” and hung up.

Calls to two other repair companies yielded the same result. If they were willing to look at my brand of refrigerator at all, it would not be for three or four weeks. Note to self: Always buy the most popular brand of…



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